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Do you keep product data on your store platform? Move it to PIM today

One of the main differences between a PIM and a regular online store database is that in PIM systems, you can automatically assign more information to products for different channels. 

How to work better as a team with Ergonode? Overview of workflow features

Ergonode solves most of the problems that teams face. Sure, we can't save the world right away, but we can help with better workflow, more efficient communication, or data management.

Ergonode 1.0.0 - it’s official

Not long ago we celebrated the official launch of our release candidate, and today we can already announce that we have a finished, worked out, perfected version 1.0.0. We spent the last month mainly testing, preparing complete documentation and fixing what was still imperfect in the RC.

Discover the potential of Ergonode with the connector for Shopware 6

By deciding on Shopware, you can be sure that the platform will provide you and your customers with the best solution for your needs. With the ready-made Ergonode connector, you can easily manage your product catalog.

Modular architecture - how is the frontend of Ergonode built?

From the beginning of the development of Ergonode we wanted to use technologies that allow for maximum flexibility - both on the side of application development and on the side of integration with external tools. The answer to our needs turned out to be microservices architecture.

Ergonode Release Candidate - a piece of cake or a hard nut to crack?

In the life cycle of every software there comes a moment when you have to say: yeah, we’re ready. This moment has just happened in Ergonode - a few days ago we published the Release Candidate version. Read the interview with our developers about what creating such a product looks like from the inside.