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Ergonode is a PIM solution developed to support Engineering industry. With us you can streamline your product data processes. Achieve unprecedented efficiency and market agility with our expert solution.

What do we offer

Ergonode offers a dynamic Product Information Management system tailored for the engineering sector. Our solution handles complex product data and specifications with ease, supporting the intricate requirements of engineering workflows. By integrating technical data management with user-friendly features, we help engineering firms enhance their product lifecycle management, ensuring data is both accurate and accessible.

Is it worth investing in PIM?

Investing in a PIM solution is crucial in the engineering industry, where managing detailed and often complex product information is key to operational success. A dedicated PIM system like Ergonode streamlines data management, improves product quality, and reduces time-to-market, offering a significant return on investment through enhanced operational efficiencies and better compliance with industry standards.

When does the implementation of PIM make sense?

Implementing a PIM system is particularly beneficial for engineering firms when scaling operations, entering new markets, or when the complexity of products demands precise and reliable data management. It’s also essential when firms aim to enhance collaboration across various departments and need a unified system to manage diverse data sources effectively.

Ergonode’s PIM solution is packed with features designed to meet the specific needs of the engineering industry

Advanced data structuring

Organize complex data sets related to materials, components, and assemblies

Integration capabilities

Connect seamlessly with CAD tools and other engineering software

Real-time collaboration

Enable simultaneous multi-user access to ensure up-to-date and synchronized product information

Regulatory compliance

Automatically update and maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards

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