Optimize your supply chain with PIM for CPG & pharmacy

Revolutionize product data management for consumer packaged goods and pharmacy sectors. Achieve streamlined workflows and enhanced market compliance.

What do we offer

At Ergonode, we provide a robust Product Information Management platform specifically designed for the CPG and pharmacy industries. Our solution facilitates the management of vast product assortments, complex specifications, and regulatory compliance needs, enabling businesses to keep their product information accurate and up-to-date across all channels.

Is it worth investing in PIM?

Investing in a PIM system is crucial for the CPG and pharmacy industries due to the fast-paced nature of these markets and the high volume of product data. A dedicated PIM tool like Ergonode helps in managing this complexity efficiently, reduces the risk of data errors, ensures compliance with regulatory standards, and speeds up product launches.

When does the implementation of PIM make sense?

Implementing PIM is particularly beneficial when:

• Expanding product lines or entering new markets
• Needing to improve operational efficiency and reduce time-to-market
• Struggling with maintaining consistent and accurate product information across multiple channels
• Requiring compliance with strict regulatory standards.

Key Ergonode PIM capabilities made for CPG & Pharmacy

Compliance tracking

Stay up-to-date with industry regulations

Bulk editing tools

Quickly update information across multiple products

Digital Asset Management

Organize and distribute photos, documents, and other media

Multilingual support

Manage product information in multiple languages for global distribution

Workflow customization

Tailor workflows to match the unique processes of the CPG and pharmacy sectors

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