June 2024

Alpinus - How does the legendary Polish apparel brand improve its catalog management processes?

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About the Client

Founded in the '90s, Alpinus has established itself as a leading provider of outdoor clothing for men, women, and children. Known for their Made in Poland best-selling fleeces, lightweight spring softshells, practical trekking pants, and winter jackets equipped with the RECCO avalanche safety system, Alpinus takes pride in offering outdoor apparel that combines practicality with safety. Operating in five key European markets, this Polish brand is a testament to local craftsmanship aiming for global reach.

Expanding abroad without a PIM solution is all about having folders full of individual translation files. If you want to make the process of conquering other markets easier, you definitely should use Ergonode.

— Artur Rompca
Head of eCommerce at Alpinus


As Alpinus sought to broaden its horizons beyond the Polish borders, the complexities of managing product information across multiple languages and adapting to different marketplaces became a significant hurdle. Their existing system, a combination of Excel sheets and Baselinker, fell short in addressing the need for a streamlined process for translating and mapping extensive product attributes and descriptions. This not only affected their efficiency but also their ability to quickly adapt to and penetrate new international markets.


  • Global market expansion: To facilitate entry and expansion into new international marketplaces through efficient management of product translations and attributes
  • Streamlined eCommerce operations: To establish a centralized system for managing product information, enabling easy updates and consistency across all sales channels

Implementation and results

In partnership with ARCommerce and leveraging technologies like Comarch shop and Baselinker, Alpinus started on integrating the Ergonode PIM system in July 2023. This strategic move was aimed at overcoming the language barriers and simplifying the management of product data for their marketing, sales, and product departments.

While the implementation is still underway, Alpinus is poised to unlock new levels of operational efficiency and market agility. The primary focus remains on activating sales channels that will allow for seamless export of product information to individual platforms, setting the stage for Alpinus to make a mark in the global outdoor apparel industry.

Why PIM?

Choosing Ergonode's PIM system was a strategic decision influenced by the need for a user-friendly, SaaS solution that could be easily managed without an in-house IT department. Alpinus recognized the value in having a PIM that not only met their multilingual needs but also supported their goal of backing Polish technological solutions.


Alpinus's journey with PIM is a bold step towards achieving their vision of becoming a global leader in outdoor apparel. By addressing the critical challenges of product information management and eCommerce operations head-on, Alpinus is well on its way to meeting their goals in the international market. This case study is a reflection of how embracing innovative solutions like PIM can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and expansion.