PIM for Fashion

Ensure consistency across every aspect of your brand, from online listings to in-store displays, in one accessible platform. All your product information, from design specs to marketing details.

Single source of thruth for your collections

Ergonode PIM can be your one source for any product content for your fashion collections. You can store and manage images, descriptions, assets - all what you can imagine connected to your products.

New season lunching on time

Ergonode helps you prepare for every shopping-time, this season and forever. Launch new collections on time to take advantage of the latest trends in fashion. Manage images, translations, and size charts to boost sales and reduce returns.

Easy entering into the new markets

Manage multiple galleries for every market. Prepare or translate descriptions and parameters for specific channels and make bulk updates for greater efficiency. Be fast and ready for launching new market every month.

Key Ergonode PIM capabilities tailored for fashion industry

Flexible models, outfits and variants management

The combination of three product types (simple items, products with variants, and grouping products) with collections and product segmentation features provides powerful catalog management capabilities.

Easy data onboarding

Importing profiles from XLS files makes it easy to onboard thousands of products in just a few hours. Drag the file, set the correct data mapping, and run the onboarding process.

Collection Lifecycle Management

Flexible workflows, combined with product statuses and business rules, provide a great tool for managing the traction of entire collection lifecycle process.

Multi-channel readiness

With Channel specific content and completeness measurements you can track full progress of multi channel readiness. No more empty fields or mistakes in your commerce channels.

Consistency and quality of product collections improved.

With an advanced variable engine, you can avoid errors in your catalog and increase data consistency. The name of a "dress" can always be consistent - just build it from attribute variables such as "Brand" "Product type" "Color" or "Style".

Solved size chart complexity

Managing size charts in the fashion industry can be difficult and complex. Ergonode provides advanced options for creating and managing size charts in various ways. You can add size table options or create a dedicated layout for simple items with measurements.

Brands, textiles and care instructions management

One of the primary challenges stems from the diverse nature of fabrics. Each material requires specific care to maintain its quality and appearance. Cotton may demand a different approach than silk, and wool certainly has its own set of rules. With Ergonode you can build custom entities for specific textiles, care instructions, brands and more specific industry attributes.

Improved site-search and categorisation

Apparel and fashion products often have complex and detailed colour names, such as 'pine green' or 'ruby red'. This can make it challenging for customers to find and filter these colours. Similarly, manufacturers may have their own custom sizes for each item, making size management difficult. Ergonode can help by allowing you to map your product colours to 'colour families' and your producer's custom sizes to 'general sizes' in your e-store.

Digital Product Passport Readiness

New EU regulations bring set of new challenges and responsibilities for the whole fashion industry. Ergonode PIM gives you the tools to pass the regulations in many ways.

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