November 24, 2022



Shopware event: Lunch & Learn with Ergonode PIM

In the webinar, you’ll learn about effective Product Information Management and get to know shopware’s partner - Ergonode, the PIM SaaS platform that makes it easy for merchants to create, manage and distribute product content to support wider and faster scalability.

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We will be talking you through the following in the 40-minute “Lunch and Learn”:
✅ What is Ergonode?
✅ What is a PIM system?
✅ How can Ergonode help shopware clients?
✅ Ergonode use cases and Customer success stories
✅ Partnering with Ergonode
✅ Q&A session / Discussion

The meeting will be hosted by Katy Wilson - Partner Manager od shopware and Bartłomiej Kiermasz - Chief Commercial Officer of Ergonode.

Katy Wilson

Works in the capacity of Partnerships Manager across US, UK and the Nordics. Her role is to enable and support the build up of our Partners’ shopware practice and help devise business and marketing plans that go on to help both parties mutually succeed. Furthermore she acts as the liaison between our sales organisation and partner ecosystem. Prior to joining shopware back in October, she spent the previous 6 years at Magento where she was responsibie for the running of our SI Partnerships across EMEA.

Barłomiej Kiermasz

Customer experience architect, with a background in IT-units management and a track record of over 18 years on both the business and technical sides of project management for international brands such as SAP, NTT DATA and SII. Now in Ergonode, he is responsible for the company's expansion into foreign markets, sales and customer support department, and scaling of the Partner Program. Bartłomiej is developing  a Professional Services Department, which supports clients and Partners in Ergonode implementations.

Ergonode is the heart of your product content team in the digital commerce area. It helps you create, edit and distribute product content across all channels. Ergonode is a modern PIM system that facilitates and streamlines product information management in e-commerce by allowing for its simple and ergonomic creation, management and distribution.

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