June 2024

iUsed - How the Dutch leader in refurbishing Apple products accelerates growth with enhanced Product Information Management

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About the Client

Founded in 1993 in the Netherlands, iUsed has carved a niche for itself in the refurbished electronics industry, specializing in Apple products. With a commitment to sustainability and quality, iUsed refurbishes used Apple hardware, giving these devices a second life. The company sells these like-new products through multiple webshops, targeting consumers, business clients, and niche markets. With over 23 employees and managing an inventory of thousands of SKUs, iUsed stands at the forefront of the refurbished electronics market.


  • Stock management: Ensuring real-time stock accuracy across multiple locations was a logistical nightmare
  • eCommerce complexity: Keeping product availability up-to-date across various webshops to minimize no-sales was increasingly difficult
  • Market expansion: Expanding sales through international marketplaces required a sophisticated approach to manage product information effectively


  • Streamlined Product Information Management: To centralize and automate the management of product information across diverse sales channels
  • Real-time stock accuracy: To ensure that stock levels are accurately reflected in real-time across all platforms
  • Enhanced online shopping experience: To improve the online shopping experience by providing up-to-date product availability and information

Implementation and results

With the adoption of Shopware 6, VueJS, Laravel Framework, a Stock API for inventory management, and Channelengine for marketplace integration, iUsed embarked on its PIM journey. This technological overhaul facilitated:

  1. Centralized stock management: Automating the handling, reporting, and distribution of stock, thus ensuring accuracy across locations
  2. Operational efficiency: Streamlining stock and order processes led to significant improvements in operational efficiency
  3. Reduced no-sales: By keeping product availability up-to-date, iUsed significantly reduced no-sales
  4. Market expansion: Successfully expanding into new international marketplaces, tapping into a wider customer base


The implementation of PIM was a game-changer for iUsed, allowing the company to not only overcome its operational and eCommerce challenges but also to set a new standard in the refurbished electronics market. This strategic move has enabled iUsed to polish its operational efficiency to a shine, much like its refurbished Apple products, leading to improved customer satisfaction and market expansion. Through this integration, iUsed has proven that with the right technology, even the old can be made new and desirable again.