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Easily centralize all product information across your company with Ergonode PIM. Be more productive to create, manage, collaborate and distribute powerful product catalogs.

PIM platform where you can work fast with light-speed.

Accelerate your operational work, and manage your product catalog seamless with advanced AI features, automated rules and a great user experience while working on product content.

Connect & extend. Make your product catalog tailored for your company.

With our robust integration and extensibility app engine, you have the freedom to create a customized solution for your business processes, and the first step towards a truly effective MACH Composable Commerce architecture.

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Dennis Griemink

Head of Marketing & Ecommerce at MironVioletglass

I love the structure and the clean design. So good. So simple.

Ronnie Johansson

CEO at Husse

Easy to onboard and great for multi-lingual ecommerce!

Grzegorz Kupidura

CTO at Sportano

Great balance between complexity and usability!

Andrius Mickus

Head of E-commerce
at Dilling

A flexible and powerful PIM system.

Mikael Ejsing

Web Developer at Weilbach

An incredibly intuitive and easily navigable platform.

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more productive.

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Tomas Hesseling

Tomas Hesseling

General manager, Benelux Region

Pawel Jaskula

Pawel Jaskula

Business Development Manager