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The first human-centric PIM.
Saves time & costs. Open source. For people.

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Ergonode is not an ordinary PIM

Ergonode is an environment for people who work hard with product data – who need to easily receive, manage, enrich and distribute product information in omnichannel reality. For retail and B2B.

Manage 200k+ products in real time, fast import and export.

Reduce translation time and costs, even -20$ per SKU!

Beautifully easy interface. Never more tutorials!

Open code and elastic micro-service architecture.

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Management over 200 000 products in real time. Translation costs reduction. Ready to use product templates. And more!

Ergonode roadmap

Ergonode aspires to be Product Experience Management System

PXM is something more than PIM. PXM guarantees an enriched content and that the products reach the strategy set by the company through all the digital channels that you want, with an efficient work system that reduces the waste of time and resources.

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