May 2024

Home&You - Digital transformation of Poland's leading Home & Decor retailer

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Established in 2006, Home&You has quickly ascended to the top echelons of the home decor and furnishing industry, distinguishing itself through a commitment to style, quality, and customer satisfaction. With its innovative and extensive range of home enhancement products, Home&You has not only captured but also inspired the imagination of customers across Poland and beyond. Emphasizing creativity and innovation, Home&You has become synonymous with exceptional home environments, making every space unique and welcoming.


Home&You faced a complex maze of operational challenges that were hampering its growth and efficiency. The task of managing product information from a myriad of internal and external sources had become a logistical nightmare, bogged down by the inadequacies of disparate systems. These systems not only required intensive manual data entry but also heightened the risk of human errors. Additionally, the process inefficiencies were manifested in the "ping-pong" of files between teams, necessitating overtime work and significantly inflating operational costs. This not only impacted the company's bottom line but also its ability to meet market demands swiftly. Furthermore, the task of managing thousands of product variants across multiple online listings introduced significant complexity, making the consistent and quality-rich presentation of products a daunting task. Security concerns also loomed large, with the need to share selected data with chosen recipients becoming crucial for protecting sensitive information online. Together, these challenges painted a picture of a business in dire need of a streamlined, efficient, and error-minimizing solution to stay competitive in the dynamic home and garden industry.


In partnership with Strix, Home&You set forth to revolutionize its product information management by:

Streamlining data flow: Automating the movement of product information to reduce manual interventions
Modular system architecture: Moving from a monolithic system to a more flexible, modular setup
Enhancing data management: Efficiently managing a vast array of product variants and materials
Standardizing supplier data: Creating a unified method for processing diverse supplier data to improve workflow speed and team management

Implementation and results

The collaboration between Home&You and Strix to integrate Ergonode marked a pivotal chapter in addressing these daunting challenges. This partnership brought about a significant shift from the previously monolithic system to a more modular, "Lego-like" approach, which dramatically increased the company's operational agility and responsiveness. By automating the flow of product information, Home&You significantly reduced its reliance on manual processes, which directly addressed the challenge of handling diverse data sources. This automation not only streamlined operations but also allowed for a more agile response to market demands.

The transformation facilitated by this new PIM system led to rapid market expansion and streamlined the management of thousands of product variants and materials, markedly enhancing both operational efficiency and the quality of product data. This shift to a centralized PIM system enabled a unified and standardized method of processing information from various suppliers, significantly accelerating workflows and improving team management. Moreover, this strategic move reduced the operational burden on Magento, optimizing hosting costs and minimizing the risk of errors. This, in turn, freed up resources for exploring new markets and managing promotions more effectively.

As a result of this implementation, Home&You witnessed a notable boost in its operations, laying the groundwork for future growth. The company achieved a more agile and responsive infrastructure, enhancing its ability to manage complex product data across multiple systems effectively. This success story underscores the transformative potential of PIM in revolutionizing data management and operational workflows within the retail industry.