May 2024

AB Bechcicki - How does the leading paints and construction engineering wholesale group digitalize its products?

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Founded in 1998, AB Bechcicki is a leading distributor in the construction materials market in Poland. With nearly two decades of experience, the company has diversified its offerings to encompass a comprehensive range of products, from essential building materials to specialized finishes, serving both B2C and B2B markets.

In an industry where product diversity and detailed information are critical, AB Bechcicki recognized the need to overhaul its product information management (PIM) system. This need became urgent with the decision to launch a B2B platform to complement their existing B2C operations.


Initially, AB Bechcicki managed a limited assortment exclusively on a B2C platform, preparing import files in Excel and manually updating additional data. However, with nearly 200 suppliers and an anticipated product catalog of 300,000 to 350,000 items, the existing ERP system's limitations in handling extensive product data became apparent. The challenge was to integrate and manage vast product details across multiple platforms without compromising on data quality or accessibility.


The transition to a B2B platform underscored the inadequacy of existing systems to handle the increased complexity and volume of product information. AB Bechcicki needed a PIM solution that could not only store large amounts of data, including images and detailed product specifications but also ensure that this data was consistently accurate and accessible across various sales channels.


AB Bechcicki adopted a robust PIM system designed to centralize and manage product information from various sources, including ERP, XLS sheets, PDF catalogs from suppliers, and supplier websites. This system was tailored to support both B2B and B2C platforms, as well as a mobile app for sales representatives, ensuring seamless integration and uniform data distribution across all channels.

This list outlines the key suppliers and their specific roles in the construction and related industries, highlighting the diversity and breadth of products managed within AB Bechcicki's PIM system.

  1. ATLAS - Building materials, specifically adhesives, plasters, and insulation.
  2. ŚNIEŻKA TRADE OF COLOURS - Paint and coatings industry.
  3. PPG DECO POLSKA - Paints, coatings, and specialty materials.
  4. KNAUF - Building materials, focusing on drywall construction systems.
  5. AKZO NOBEL - Coatings and paints for various applications.
  6. ROCKWOOL - Stone wool insulation products.
  7. SAINT-GOBAIN CONSTRUCTION - Diverse materials for construction:some text
    • RIGIPS - Gypsum-based plasterboard and drywall solutions.
    • WEBER - Industrial mortars and construction solutions.
    • ISOVER - Insulation products.
  8. ARSANIT - Manufacturer of construction chemicals and insulation systems.
  9. URSA POLSKA SP.Z O.O. - Insulation materials, especially glass wool.
  10. HENKEL POLSKA NOWY - Adhesives, sealants, and surface treatments.
  11. XELLA - Building materials including aerated concrete and lime sandstone.
  12. KRONOSPAN - Wood-based panels and related products.
  13. BAUMIT - Facade systems, plasters, and mortars.
  14. FAKRO - Roof windows, skylights, and attic stairs.
  15. Velux - Roof windows and skylights.
  16. FRANSPOL - Insulation and construction materials.
  17. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS POLAND SPÓŁKA Z.O.O (ALTAX) - Paints and coatings.
  18. KNAUF CEILING SOLUTIONS - Ceiling systems and solutions.
  19. SWISSPOR - Insulation products and solutions.
  20. KREISEL - Construction chemicals, including plasters and adhesives.
  21. KERAKOLL - Green building solutions and materials.
  22. RAWLPLUG S.A. - Fixings, fasteners, and tools for construction.
  23. WIENERBERGER - Clay building materials like bricks and roof tiles.
  24. TERMO ORGANIKA - Insulation materials and systems.
  25. ECOPHON - Acoustic solutions, mainly ceiling and wall absorbers.
  26. LAFARGE - Cement, aggregates, and concrete.
  27. ALTATERRA - Specializes in roofing and construction materials.

Implementation and results

The implementation of the PIM system enabled AB Bechcicki to create one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of building materials in Poland. This database not only includes basic product information but also features extensive photo galleries, technical datasheets, and performance declarations.

The unified data environment has streamlined the purchasing process and enhanced the quality of information presented to customers across all platforms.


AB Bechcicki's adoption of a sophisticated PIM system has redefined their approach to product information management and eCommerce. Moving away from the chaotic processes of the past, the company now enjoys a level of organizational efficiency and market responsiveness that sets a new benchmark in the building materials industry. This case study underscores the transformative potential of PIM solutions in managing complex product catalogs and navigating the demands of a global market.