May 2024

MIRON Violetglass - Product relationships much easier, and translations almost instantaneous


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MIRON Violetglass produces and distributes a unique range of glass packaging. Patented “biophotonic” violet glass is specially made for natural products in the beauty, personal health and food & drinks industries. How did we make a PIM work perfectly in MIRON Violetglass?

MIRON Violetglass sell relatively few (300 & 700 sku's), but complex products. They needed a PIM solution for 200 attributes, many product variants and for more than 3,000 links between them. They needed to choose the right PIM system for the company's needs.

Why MIRON Violetglass chose the Ergonode?

  • Saas / Cloud based solution
  • Workflow & user management
  • Multi-language (on all attributes)
  • Export capabilities / API
  • Good product variants & relations handling
  • UX: drag-and-drop, in-line editing
  • Relations with Shopware 6
  • SLA
  • Good value for money


Thanks to Ergonode, MIRON Violetglass can now better organize the work of a team of only 35 people, but for 2,000 active customers in as many as 83 countries. Our PIM has made managing product relationships (variants, relations) much easier and translations almost instantaneous. Ergonode is the true and only business center for MIRON Violetglass. They can build their products in a consistent way.