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Image of a handshake between's founder and Ergonode executives, symbolizing their new investment partnership.
  • Marcin Grzymkowski, the founder of eobuwie, invests in Ergonode, a Polish product information management software start-up.
  • The businessman brings in not only the financial assets, but also a great experience in scaling the international e-commerce as he sees the potential in the technological company.
  • Grzymkowski has taken over 30% of shares of Ergonode - the \PIM (product information management) software company with international clients from Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. The company has been recapitalized with over 5 millions PLN
  • Ergonode is a product information management software, which improves product content management process (images, videos,product attributes, language versions etc.). These are the key functions for scaling online businesses in pandemic times, when online sales have significantly increased.

Marcin Grzymkowski is the founder of eobuwie brand and former president of the board. He created leading fashion ecommerce in the middle Europe and, within less than 10 years, has managed to convince consumers that online shoe shopping can be as comfortable as in traditional shops. Now, he is going to convince owners of online businesses that the future belongs to those who can manage their assortment in the most effective way. And he’s going to use Ergonode for this purpose. Ergonode means the name of the company as well as the PIM (product information management) software brand.Grzymkowski has taken over 30% of shares of Ergonode, which mission is to improve ecommerce content teams’ efficiency while working with online assortment. The company has been recapitalized with over 5 million zlotych, which will significantly speed up its development and increase market share.Ergonode is already being used by a Swedish manufacturer of food for domestic animals, a Dutch manufacturer of glass packaging, an American online shop with luxury watches or a Polish fashion brand.  How does it work then?
Ergonode is one of the most advanced, yet intuitive, PIM systems. You can manage thousands of products online and increase efficiency of your product content teams. It uses headless architecture which means keeping product data outside of the  main ecommerce system. It relieves the system and creates new opportunities for business development. Ergonode makes easier product management in multiple channels and marketplaces such as Allegro, Amazon or Zalando. I have already tested this solution in many of my own online businesses and I am sure that managing product content with the PIM system creates loads of advantages.  - explains Grzymkowski

Ergonode gathers in one place all images, videos and product descriptions in any language version.The creator of Ergonode - Marcin Piwowarczyk - says the software increases performance and quality of published products’ descriptions and allows e-shop owners for faster and more accurate control of the whole workflow. It is also great for product management systematization in multiple channels. Thanks to a very intuitive “drag-and-drop” designer tool, it is easy to learn even for a user with very basic skills.We are happy that our systematically developed for the last few years,  Ergonode, has managed to attract the attention of Marcin Grzymkowski - the ecommerce icon in our part of the world. Marcin, as an investor has quickly noticed what our clients appreciate most: simple implementation, advantages for both: large and small, ecommerce platforms, performance and stability of our PIM. Ergonode is a cloud service, which means that shop owners can focus on integration, instead of implementing a huge monolith system such as competitive ones. We believe that, thanks to Marcin’s experience and unique business point of view regarding the PIM’s significance for modern ecommerce, we will take our brand to the next level. - says Marcin Piwowarczyk, co owner and CEO of Ergonode.
Mission of Ergonode is to support the ecommerce team while working with online assortment, especially in the pandemic time. It is reflected in a kanban model of work which is well known thanks to all products organizing workflow (i.e. tasks’ delegating and workflow management). Creators say it is simple to maintain and so called “onboarding” (user training) is faster and easier than with any other competitive software. 

The brand’s mission is supported by the new investor. If you want to have an effective online sale, you need to search for constant optimization and invest in the best available tools. It is a well known fact for all ecommerce practitioners, that good PIM (product information management) improves work and customer experience, reduces costs, increases the number of conversions and boosts customers’ loyalty. In modern ecommerce, together with teams scaling, the challenges regarding services multiply. I believe that Ergonode can become one of the best tools on the market. It has great flexibility, architecture and functionality. I had no doubt Ergonode was worth investing in. - explains Marcin GrzymkowskiIn the near future, Ergonode team is going to focus on winning new clients by promoting its key features such as advanced workflow system or extremely intuitive designer tool for product templates.  The following stage will provide solutions based on Business Intelligence and AI (artificial intelligence) such as improvement of creating multi language versions or creating dynamic relations between products in e-stores. 

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