Thank you, Berlin for such a warm welcome!

Ergonode booth at the E-commerce Berlin trade show, showcasing our PIM solutions to potential business partners and clients.

Ergonode is a new PIM solution for ambitious small and medium businesses. We offer a great support for those who want to grow and enter new markets. Ergonode is dedicated to businesses struggling with product information management and experiencing too many mistakes coming from the data mess.

It’s super intuitive and easy for implementation as our customers say. Currently we are looking for high quality technological businesses, e-commerce or marketing agencies to become our partners and be a part of our international growth and this was one of our goals for e-commerce Berlin trade show. We have literally come back from Berlin a few days ago and have to admit, it’s been a truly fruitful experience. We have managed to meet great businesses and get a number of interesting leads. 

Apart from this, Berlin was a wonderful experience itself. There were almost 10 000 guests hungry for new business opportunities. Especially that it was the very first event after the pandemic break. People seemed to really enjoy each other’s company and were very open to talk.  

Crowd waiting to enter the expo.

As you can see at the photos, our team was extremely busy for most of the time presenting demo and new features which we’ve introduced within the last few weeks, and which make Ergonode even more effective with supporting teamwork at all staged of product content management. The absolutely and ultimate example is the AI feature. Now, with Ergonoge you can automatically create great product descriptions based on the chosen product’s attributes.

Let’s be honest, our visitors loved it and were totally impressed with it. 

Busy, busy, busy..... it was fun!

Ergonode is a super modern tool and effectively helps agencies to support their clients with product management to save time and money. 

Thanks to our tool e-commerce businesses can create product content much faster and eliminate most of errors such as bad product descriptions, missing translations or wrong data. It’s extremely important for those who cannot afford losing their business or being left behind due to inefficient solutions they have used to use so far. Especially when the company is not very big, but still needs to think and act big to keep up with the market’s reality. Our tool helps to organize a better workflow which means less time, less errors and more income thanks to a better customer experience and higher data quality. 

If you want to find our yourself, don’t hesitate and book a demo with our dedicated team members. We are always open to new ideas and business challenges.

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