Ergonode Support & SLA

1. Definitions

"System" means Ergonode PIM system offered as a Software as a Service

Bug” means a Critical Error (Priority 1), Standard Error (Priority 2), and Small Issue (Priority 3) Error.

"Fix" refers to any adjustments, changes, modifications, or corrections implemented within the System aimed at resolving a Bug.

"Initial Response" denotes the initial interaction initiated by an Ergonode support representative subsequent to the incident being recorded and a ticket being generated.

"Management Escalation" signifies that if the initial Workaround or Fix fails to rectify the Error, Ergonode's management will be informed that the Bug has been reported and actions are underway to address it.

Critical Errors (Priority 1) signifies a severe Bug causing the System to become entirely non-operational. An example is when the System becomes inaccessible to the Users due to unplanned service downtime or Users can not log-in correctly to the System.

Standard Errors (Priority 2) refers to a situation in which the Customer or their Users have access to the Platform, but encounter the unavailability of one or more significant features.

Small Issues (Priority 3) indicates an issue that doesn't prevent the Customer or their Users from accessing a significant feature of the Platform.

Status Update” signifies the update provided to the Customer regarding the status of the ongoing Workaround or Fix if the initial resolution attempt is unsuccessful.

Support Hours” are from 9am to 4pm CET (Central European Time) Monday through Friday.

Upgrades” means, other than routine Fixes and updates, additional software added to the System that provides new functionalities or modules.

Workaround” denotes an alteration in the procedures or data furnished by the Customer, designed to bypass a Bug while preserving the Customer's ability to utilize the System.

2. Support Services

Ergonode support services consist of (i) Customer Success Management and (ii) Troubleshooting.

3. Customer Success Management

We will assign you a Customer Success Manager. This person will be your point of contact. The Customer Success Manager is available to answer questions and provide guidance on how to best use our platform. During our support hours, the Customer Success Manager can be contacted via email and phone by anyone with the customer's permission.

4. Troubleshooting

All Bugs can be reported through the ticket platform We will do our best to fix every customer Bug report. The reported Bug will be prioritized according to the following. We will respond to each of the priority levels of Bugs as described in the section below.

Critical Errors (Priority 1) – We will (i) provide an initial response within two (2) business hours; (ii) immediately initiate management escalation; and (iii) provide a Status Update to the Customer within next two (2) business hours if we are unable to resolve the issue.

Standard Errors (Priority 2) – We will (i) provide an Initial Response within four (4) business hours; (ii) initiate Management Escalation within next eight (8) business hours; and (iii) provide a Status Update to the Customer within next twelve (12) business hours if we are unable to resolve the issue.

Small Issues (Priority 3) – We will (i) provide an Initial Response within two (2) working days; (ii) initiate Management Escalation within next six (6) working days; and (iii) provide a Status Update to the Customer within next twelve (12) working days if we are unable to resolve the issue.

If we find that the reported issue isn't caused by a platform error, we'll notify the customer. At that point, they can choose to either (a) have us proceed with investigating the problem at their cost as outlined below, or (b) decline further investigation at their expense. If they opt for continued investigation and we discover that the problem wasn't caused by an error, they'll be responsible for payment based on standard consulting rates for the work done during the investigation. The customer isn't accountable for identifying or fixing System errors.

5. Exclusions

Ergonode is not required to offer support or maintenance under the following circumstances: (i) if the software has been modified or damaged by a third party other than Ergonode; (ii) if issues with the Platform result from the Customer's unauthorized use of the System. We will not be held responsible for any adjustments needed in the Customer's hardware or software systems to accommodate a Fix, Workaround, or maintenance of the System.