Oct 9, 2024


Regensburg, Germany


E-Commerce-Tag 2024 in Regensburg

E-Commerce-Tag 2024 in Regensburg

E-Commerce-Tag: Your Gateway to the Future of Digital Commerce

Join us at the E-Commerce-Tag in Regensburg on October 9, 2024, for a day of insights, networking, and innovation. This premier event is designed for online retailers, manufacturers, service providers, and consultants to explore the latest trends and strategies in digital commerce.

About the Event

E-Commerce-Tag is a pivotal event for the e-commerce community, offering a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the future of online retail, discover innovative solutions, and make significant business connections. Engage with industry leaders, learn from successful case studies, and explore the latest trends in payment systems, B2B e-commerce, online marketing, marketplaces, sustainability, and AI in retail.

Event Program

  • 08:30: Welcome Coffee
  • 09:15: Keynote: "Customer Value as the New Currency" - Dr. Georg Wittmann (ibi research)
  • 09:45: "From Idea to Success" - Astrid Reintjes (MissPompadour)
  • 10:15: "Cyber Security Beyond Antivirus" - Ales Drabek (Lampenwelt)
  • 10:45: Coffee Break
  • 11:15-16:00: Thematic Tracks:
    • AI and Data Value
    • Building Brands and D2C
    • Payment Innovations
    • Marketplaces & Internationalization
    • Sustainability Practices
    • Social Media Marketing
  • 16:30: Panel Discussion: "Innovate or Die"
  • 17:00: Closing Discussion: "Does Retail Need More Startup Culture?"
  • 17:30: End of the Event

Event Details

Date: October 9, 2024
Location: Jahnstadion, Regensburg, Germany

Who Should Attend

This event is ideal for e-commerce professionals including online retailers, manufacturers, service providers, consultants, and anyone involved in digital commerce looking to stay ahead in the industry.


  • Dr. Georg Wittmann (ibi research)
  • Astrid Reintjes (MissPompadour)
  • Ales Drabek (Lampenwelt)
  • Bianca Schlüter & Patricia Kraft (SHI)
  • Judith Endres (Brandlinger)
  • Elisabeth Meister & Albert Reiner (Ludwig Meister)
  • Rainer Langer (Challenge Internet)
  • Anna Benz-Reichenauer (benz reichenauer communication)
  • Henning Brandt (Computop)
  • Fabian Lang (LANG)

What to Expect

Attendees can expect:

  • In-depth sessions on key e-commerce trends
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders
  • Practical workshops and case studies
  • Panel discussions on innovation and sustainability
  • Insights into future-proofing your business

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is E-Commerce-Tag?A1: E-Commerce-Tag is an annual event focusing on the latest trends and innovations in the digital commerce industry.

Q2: When and where is the event?A2: The event takes place on October 9, 2024, at Jahnstadion, Regensburg, Germany.

Q3: Who should attend E-Commerce-Tag?A3: Online retailers, manufacturers, service providers, consultants, and anyone interested in e-commerce advancements.

Q4: How can I register for the event?A4: You can register online at the official E-Commerce-Tag website.

Q5: What topics will be covered at the event?A5: Topics include AI in retail, sustainability, payment innovations, social media marketing, and more.

Q6: Who are the keynote speakers?A6: Keynote speakers include Dr. Georg Wittmann, Astrid Reintjes, Ales Drabek, and other industry leaders.