Jun 11, 2024


CommerceNext Conference 2024: Premier Ecommerce Event


CommerceNext Conference 2024: Elevate Your Ecommerce Strategy

CommerceNext Conference 2024: Premier Ecommerce Event

Description of the Event

Join us at CommerceNext 2024, the premier event for ecommerce and retail growth, happening June 11-13, 2024, at the New York Hilton Midtown. Over three action-packed days, this event will feature visionary keynotes, dynamic breakout sessions, and unparalleled networking opportunities. Attendees will gain actionable insights and strategies to elevate their ecommerce and retail operations, exploring the latest trends in digital marketing, AI, omnichannel retail, and customer experience.

Program of the Event

  1. Opening Remarks
  2. Keynote: Fanatics' Growth Story - Learn from Fanatics' journey to becoming a global brand.
  3. Panel: AI in Ecommerce - Explore AI's impact on customer experience.
  4. Workshops: Digital Innovation - Hands-on sessions with industry leaders.
  5. Networking Sessions - Opportunities to connect with senior-level leaders and peers.
  6. Awards Ceremony - Celebrate the top performers in ecommerce and retail.

When and Where

  • Date: June 11-13, 2024
  • Location: New York Hilton Midtown, New York City, NY, USA

Who Should Attend

CommerceNext is ideal for senior ecommerce leaders, CMOs, CTOs, VPs, and directors from traditional retailers and DTC brands. Whether you're looking to refine your digital strategy, explore AI innovations, or network with industry peers, this event offers valuable insights for all.


  • Doug Mack - Former CEO, Fanatics
  • Angela Clark - VP of Digital Studio, Patagonia
  • Ryan Fagan - VP of Digital, Lowe's
  • Amber Turley - VP, Omni Convenience & Commerce Partnerships, Sephora
  • Lynda Pak - Divisional CIO, Global Brands, Estée Lauder

What Can Attendees Expect

Attendees will gain:

  • Actionable Insights: Practical strategies to implement immediately.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders and peers.
  • Cutting-edge Content: Explore trends in AI, digital marketing, and omnichannel retail.
  • Hands-on Workshops: Engage in interactive sessions with experts.

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  1. What is CommerceNext 2024?
    CommerceNext 2024 is a leading conference focused on ecommerce and retail growth, featuring keynotes, sessions, and networking opportunities with industry experts.
  2. Where and when is CommerceNext 2024 held?
    The event takes place June 11-13, 2024, at the New York Hilton Midtown in NYC.
  3. Who should attend CommerceNext 2024?
    Senior ecommerce leaders, CMOs, CTOs, VPs, and directors from traditional retailers and DTC brands should attend.
  4. What can I expect at the conference?
    Attendees can expect actionable insights, networking opportunities, cutting-edge content on AI, digital marketing, and omnichannel retail, and hands-on workshops.
  5. Who are some of the speakers at CommerceNext 2024?
    Speakers include Doug Mack (former CEO, Fanatics), Angela Clark (VP, Patagonia), and Ryan Fagan (VP, Lowe's).
  6. How can I register for CommerceNext 2024?
    You can register by visiting the official CommerceNext website and completing the registration process.