Pricing plans

Make product information management a way better experience


299 €
per month, annual plan, VAT excluded
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We will cover all your support and hosting challenges, and you always have a stable and up-to-date system.

The best choice for small product content teams
Small possibilities of customisation


699 €
per month, annual plan, VAT excluded
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Ergonode installed in a cloud environment for bigger teams and with some extra features.

Best option for specific regulated industries
Better for Mid-marketing clients
Headless architecture


from 1999 €
per month, annual plan, VAT excluded
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Ergonode installed in the cloud or your own hosting environment with more possibilities to customisation.

Best option for specific regulated industries
Better for Mid-marketing & Enterprise clients with own IT departments
Headless architecture and high possibilities for customisation

Choose your Ergonode plan

Find the best PIM solution for your business!

Number of users

5 users

30 users

50 users


25 GB

100 GB

500 GB

Number of operations (daily)

20 000

100 000

300 000

Additional 1 TB of storage



+200 € / month

Additional 100 000 operations (daily)



+100 € / month

Unlimited users



+300 € / month

General features

Catalog management
Product templates
Product importer New
Completeness tracking
Category attributes
Media management
Mass actions
Product pipelines
Product segments
Sales channels Soon
Language access restrictions
AI Auto-Generate Content
AI Automatic Translations
Attribute access privileges
Product access privileges Soon

Integrations & API

Communication Rest-API
Integration GraphQL API
Integration App's Framework
Magento 2 connector
Shopware 6 connector
WooCommerce connector
PrestaShop connector
Shopify App Soon
Baselinker App
Idosell App
Google Merchant Feed App Soon
Facebook & Instagram Feed App Soon
Advanced CSV Export App Soon
Advanced XML Export App Soon


SaaS Architecture
Possibility of Self-Hosting
Additional instance (demo infrastructure, without SLA)

99 € / month

99 € / month

99 € / month

Additional instance (production infrastructure, with SLA)

149 € / month

349 € / month

999€ / month


Support via ticket system
Support via e-mail
Support via chat or phone
SLA Standard
SLA Extended
Basic on-boarding


2 h

2 h

Extended on-boarding

599 € / 6 h

599 € / 6 h

6 h

Additional dedicated services

599 € / 6 h

599 € / 6 h

599 € / 6 h

Questions & Answers

What is the operation

This is a change for a single product. One API call, a single import or export. For example - changing 30 values on one product is 1 operation, changing one value on 30 products is 30 operations.

Is there an on-premise model (self-hosting)?

Yes, there is the possibility of self-hosting in the Pro plan of Ergonode.

Do user limits apply to active or inactive users?

User limits refer only to active users.

What is the difference between Standard and Extended SLA?

The difference is mainly the response time for the relevant categories of Incidents.