ONe is a modern headless e-commerce B2B platform tailored specifically to the needs of the B2B sector.



ONE B2B is a modern e-commerce platform tailored specifically to the needs of the B2B sector. It has a number of technologically advanced solutions to streamline the work of traders. The ONe platform is intuitive and user-friendly, and daily work with the tool is so simple that it does not require complex training.

With the B2B e-commerce module, you will present your customers with a full portfolio of products along with their individual terms and conditions, and enable them to shop conveniently online 24/7. In addition to the e-commerce function, the ONe platform also enables traditional offline customer service - by mobile salespeople, call center employees, or salespeople in stationary stores. The merchant panel, dynamic shopping cart, openness of the platform to numerous extensions and integrations, as well as additional back office modules allow you to manage the entire sales process in an automated manner, using a single tool.

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