A webdevelopment company with more than 17 years experience in e-commerce industry. <H1> designs, builds and optimizes B2C/B2B webshops and implements PIM systems.



We are H1 Webdevelopment, located in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), and a proud partner of Ergonode. As a webdevelopment company we have already achieved a lot of successes for more than 17 years in e-commerce for our customers. We design, build and optimize B2C/B2B webshops and implement PIM systems. Our team focuses on the customer, understanding them and helping them grow. We work together as a team to achieve the best result. Because that makes us happy. In fact, we are especially happy when your customer is happy, because that makes you happy too! We learned the e-commerce trade by setting up successful e-commerce and marketplace niche players ourselves. We now use that knowledge for our customers.

We work for huge corporations, great SME companies and wildly innovative startups. As long as we feel that we can contribute to our customer’s success. We would like to make you the online market leader in your segment and that is only possible if we have a very good collaboration and work with a very driven team.

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