Ergonode changed our approach

Husse is a Swedish producer of food for dogs, cats and horses with over 30 years of experience on the market. The brand’s main mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle for animals. How did they successfully implement the Ergonode PIM into their e-commerce?

Husse is a family business that was born out of love for animals. In 2022, the company celebrates its 35th anniversary (50+ countries, 2000+ franchisees and distributors). To address their challenges, as well as to help ensure a successful migration from Magento to Shopware, Husse decided to implement a PIM solution.

Main challenges

Tracking which products are fully translated and which are not and tracking of the list of enabled products per sale channel.


  • Possibility to unify fields and lock values so CMS users can only translate the name of the attribute. This is very important for ingredients used and for the composition since it must be same to all stores
  • Showing %’s for translated products and translated content on the product
  • Usage of statuses
  • Even faster text generation and translation into the franchisee's local language with AI generated content
  • Adding option for the product to hide them from one or more sales channels. When hidden CMS users don’t see it on the list
  • Selecting the local language as default so no need to switch from DEFAULT English to local when translating
  • Giving access to MEDIA folder for CMS users with with the various changes needed 
  • Strong support from Team Husse


Husse in general have 50 sales channels in EU and 2 in Asia. Ergonode currently is actively used on 10 sales channels, and this changes quickly with every new rollout they do. Ergonode PIM has provided easy product management and easy maintenance of product data that is the same for all markets.

With the company's continued growth and gradual migration from Magento to Shopware, Ergonode implementation has already become an indispensable PIM and the heart of Husse product data.

Easy to onboard and great for multi-lingual e-commerce!

Ergonode change our approach with product content enrichment and distribution to all markets.

Ronnie Johansson

CEO, Husse

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