How to increase an ecommerce business on Shopify

Shopify store growth chart with upward trends.

More e-commerce businesses go global to overcome growth bottlenecks. The e-commerce landscape is getting more competitive. All business processes related to sales are becoming more and more complicated, automated and dehumanized. This is what we need to do:

Empower the experiences and creativity of ecommerce teams in product catalog enrichment.

In this case, it seems ideal for the e-commerce world to combine available sales platforms with engines for managing catalogs and digital store content. However not everything happens without the human element, we still need humans for business to grow.

Easy PIM for Shopify

Many sellers find it challenging to manage multiple products on Shopify without an organized system. To address that, product information management (PIM) has become an increasingly popular solution. Shopify is one of the most popular and open sales platforms on the market. However, like many solutions, it too has its drawbacks.

Images, videos, technical data, SKUs, price and shipping information or product descriptions in the right context are becoming key tools to help you make purchasing decisions online. They allow for describing and reproducing product data in the digital world. This set of tools is called product information.

Through a PIM platform you can ensure that this product information is always reviewed, updated, and synchronized throughout your sales network and in all the channels you use to display or sell your products.

Who needs a PIM for Shopify?

If you sell on Shopify you have probably frequently encountered a situation, where translation management required preparing a completely new store for each new market, and the product base had to be duplicated for every such instance. 

On top of that, if your products have multiple variants and/or extensive technical parameters, managing such an assortment becomes a real challenge.

If in your Shopify store…

  • You sell on multiple markets
  • You have many additional sales channels (e.g. Amazon)
  • Your assortment requires extensive content and technical parameters
  • You are facing various product data errors
  • Your team of product content managers has grown extensively and you can tell that this will continue
  • You want to secure your product data on another platform

…then you should definitely think about PIM integration, like the Ergonode PIM.

The main benefits of using PIM with Shopify

E-commerce software providers such as Shopify know that more and more businesses are finding it essential to work with a PIM, so they make it easier to integrate between systems. You no longer need to fear that you will lose control of all the data of your store and no longer need to set up another online store on Shopify to enter a new market.

✔ Full control over your data in one place

✔ Avoid pitfalls in product editing

✔ Multi language options

✔ New opportunities for SEO

✔ You don't need additional applications

We believe that with PIM system, we can help you improve your ecommerce business on Shopify. Need details and more arguments for your decision? No problem! Download our ebook about the benefits of using the PIM system in Shopify and put our Ergonode PIM solution into action.

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