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Introducing the Game-Changing Product Importer!

Say hello to our brand-new product importer, a game-changer in handling product data. You can now effortlessly import files from Excel, allowing for seamless mapping and organization. Upload .xls or .xlsx files and enjoy smart features like header and sheet selection, automatic attribute mapping, and smooth error handling. Everything you need is now at your fingertips, making your workflow more seamless than ever before.

Attribute mapping in the Product Importer

Shared Views: Keeping Everyone on the Same Page!

Shared Views were designed to streamline collaboration by allowing for seamless transitions between layouts. Easily break down technical data entry into smaller, manageable pieces. This feature is particularly valuable for training interns, as it allows you to create a customized workspace with specific access levels, ensuring a smooth onboarding process while safeguarding sensitive data.

Pinned Columns: Your Tasks, Your Way!

Working in the spreadsheet view just got even better. Now, you can 'pin' any columns to keep them securely in place while you focus on your tasks.

Two-Way Product Relations: Unlocking New Possibilities!

Explore a whole new level of possibilities with two-way product relations. Easily link a new model with a dozen compatible products, and vice versa. It's now incredibly simple.

Batch Actions: Speed Up Your Workflow!

Efficiency takes center stage in Ergonode. We've added new features to the existing batch actions, including the ability to modify statuses and templates in bulk. These actions work seamlessly in the background, ensuring a smooth and swift execution of tasks.

Editing templates in bulk

Product View in Category Tab: Easy Access, Easy Management!

Editing a selected category has never been more convenient. Now, you can effortlessly view which products belong to it. Search, sort, add, and remove products within this view with ease.

Nested Folders: Streamlined Content Management!

In the Multimedia section, you can now create nested folders, forming a comprehensive folder tree for seamless content management. Use the folder menu to arrange and position folders effortlessly. The possibilities are endless – create as many folders and branches as needed within the folder tree.

Coming Soon: Effortless .xls File Export from Grid View!

Get ready for our upcoming release, which will allow you to seamlessly export your grid view to Excel with just a few clicks. Simplify your workflow and enhance your productivity!

If you're eager to see our new features in action, check out this video where our CPO, Eryk Ulewicz, effortlessly works his magic with just a few clicks.

And keep an eye out for more thrilling updates that are set to revolutionize your information product management for a more ergonomic experience!

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