Unity Group

Unity Group has been implementing digital commerce transformation solutions since 1997.




Unity Group has been implementing digital commerce transformation solutions since 1997.  
The company has more than 500 successful projects and offers solutions in 4 key areas:  

1. Customer /  Improved Engagement & Experience 

  • E-commerce B2C: Digital shops available everywhere, anytime and on any device. ​ 
  • E-commerce B2B: Take relations to the next level through digitally streamlined distribution​ 
  • Composable Commerce: A modern and agile approach for building e-commerce and user experience.​ 
  • Web Design and Development: Feature-rich web portals for customers to explore and interact with your business.

2. Operations / Digitized for Day-to-Day Business Efficiency 

  • Product Information Management: Automated, correct and up to date information wherever and whenever it’s needed.​ 
  • Order Management: Managing the entire process from order to delivery.​ 
  • Process Automation: Eliminate manual tasks and streamline essential operations for faster, more reliable results.​ 
  • Custom Software Development: Competitive solutions tailored to your exact business' needs.

3. Data and AI / Fuel for Digital Business 

  • Machine Learning: See what cannot be seen – detect events, anomalies, correlations and causations with Machine Learning.​ 
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence: Use the generative AI technology to save time and cost. Automate tasks which could not have been automated with business rules and simple technology.​ 
  • Data Analysis: Gain deeper insight into your operations to make better, fact-based decisions.​ 
  • Data Engineering: Take control of data across all your business applications. Benefit from unified, structured,​ high-quality data.​ 
  • Business Intelligence: A simple way to make complex analyses –use modern systems to report and visualize your data.​  

4. Core / Essential Services and IT Architecture 

  • System Integration: Build future-proof business ecosystems by seamlessly connecting applications, services and data.​ 

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