Multi-languages management

Take control on your translations and empower productivity with your multi-lingual content.

The translation process will
no longer be the same.

Ergonode opens up a whole new world for you in product translations  management. It saves time and improves quality.

Global and local scopes for attributes

With Ergonode you can set what data should be translated and what data is required for all languages versions.

Tree with data inheritance

Ergonode gives you powerful feature to inherit data between different languages in the same branch tree.

No limitations

There is unlimited number of languages, you can translate content to any language in the world.

Statuses per language

Your workflow statuses can be set separately for each language. You get a report stating what datas, in which language, are completed.

Great features for multi-lingual content

Easy inline editing for fast translations

You can edit and translate directly in Ergonode with one simple click. Choose the language and fill the lines.

Multilingual tree with inheritances

The tree option is very user friendly. You can see all you need in a simple tree chart and make sure all language versions are corresponding and contain all necessary information.

Two different scopes of attributes

By setting a global or local scope of an attribute, you decide if you want to make it obligatory to all language versions or assign it to one of them only.

Easy to connect with AI translators

Foreign languages are available even if you don’t know them. AI makes it possible for everyone. We’ve made sure you can have easy access to most popular translators. 

Completness of translation

Every workflow can be tricky if you don’t use critical checkpoints. By setting the status of the complete translation, you never miss anything again.

Language restrictions for users

Each user can be assigned to different languages. There’s no need for an English guy to deal with the Russian alphabet. It makes work easier and more transparent for everyone involved.

Bulk actions for translations

No more boring and repeating jobs, which generate lots of small, but annoying mistakes, misspelled words etc. With our bulk actions you do it once for the whole set of identical operations.

Full feature API covered

API lets you connect anything you require to work efficiently with Ergo in a very easy and effective way.