Multimedia management

Create great product experience with easy management of your multimedia, images and files.

Easy products’ connection with media and files!

With Ergonode you can upload media manually or in bulk actions. And easily connect them with appropriate products.

Use your own way to manage media files

With Ergonode you can adjust your view mode. There is a gallery mode with flexible column settings or a classic table view. Also bulk actions and folders make the file management process very easy and intuitive as well as file structure fully flexible and adjustable. 

Create suitable attributes to easily manage your media within your product page!

You can create as many media attributes as you want! File, image or gallery attribute - give you endless possibilities to create the best possible experience when working on your product content.

Key features for even better media management

Multiple view modes

Set the view mode you like the most. Make it your own way to work in a friendly environment.

Relations between media files, products and attributes view

Mix and match media files with products and attributes. Check their relations and navigate between them.

Various types of files

Use different media to make your product page content more attractive and appealing to potential customers.

Folders structure

Create a structure which tells everything at a glance. It is fully flexible and compatible with your business’s requirements.


With a simple translation option you can create as many language versions as you want and easily move your business to international markets.

3 types of media attributes

We offer three different types of media attributes (images, galleries, files) which you can join with products and create loads of different combinations.

Bulk actions for media

Work faster and more efficient. With Ergonode you can use bulk actions within multimedia catalogs and folders as well.

Full feature API covered

Connect with Ergonode in the most efficient way using the API code. No mistakes or time consuming programming.