API-First platform

Ergonode is an API-First platform.
Every feature is covered by a suitable interface.

Our API opens the world of new possibilities for integrations

Rest API for communication

Use our Rest API to update any product or attribute. Connect to different frontend frameworks or set anything in the system.

GraphQL API for integration

Use our GraphQL API to integrate Ergonode with odd systems like ERP, e-commerce platforms or varied marketplaces.

Headless administration panel

Ergonode gives you possibility to split your administration panels into mixed interfaces. Build your own admin panel and connect it to our database via Rest API.

PHP Symfony framework as a base for a back-end application

Symfony is one of the most popular and well designed PHP frameworks. That is why we've decided to use it for the back-end.

PostgreSQL database

PostreSQL database makes the system stable and reliable even when working with a great amount of product catalogs.

Event-sourcing methodology

Ergonode saves all historical data. It allows you to access anything you’ve done since the very beginning.