Product Content Management

Boost your experience in enhancing product content with our product designer and super-flexible catalog management.

Super-intuitive tool for every product content specialist

Engage customers and improve your sales by creating any layout of the product card from scratch.
Ergonode opens up a whole new world for you in product information management.

Fast and efficient inline editing

With Ergonode you can work directly inside your product management environment by simply editing anything you need to change. Click the line and fill it in.

Product content enrichment on steroids

Well designed product page is more effective than any sales rep. You can create the individually crafted product content and present your assortment in the best possible way.

Great for SEO and translations

Use your keywords and make sure google search engine becomes your greatest admirer and follower with our SEO friendly software.

Super flexible bulk actions

Bulk actions are a must, but flexible and adjustable bulk actions are a wonderful feature letting you to work in the most efficient way.

See it in action!

Look how easily you can manage all of your actions!
It's only a tiny piece of Ergonode's powerful features.

Cutting-edge features for your PIM work

Wide range of content types

We all live in a fast paced world. To attract someone’s attention you must use various ideas and factors. Use different content types and make your product pages usable and desirable at the same time.

Simple products, variants and bundles.

Depending on the way you sell, you can create different types of products. No need to create thousands of them, if you sell different variants or bundles of products.

Group and match attributes with relevant product

You can create groups of different attributes and also mix and match them with various product card templates depending on your requirements.

Cross-sells, up-sells and relations

It is a must have of every online shop to increase the shopping value. You can create all possible product relations to improve customer experience and make your product pages more effective. 


Selling in international markets? With a simple translation option you can create as many language versions as you want.

Spreadsheet mode

Excel is intuitive and well known. It means working in a spreadsheet like environment, but also using the same tools for copying, dragging or cell formatting.

Bulk actions for catalogs

Bulk actions always speed up the work. With Ergonode you can use them within catalogs as well.

Work-in-progress board

Check your workflow stage at a glance with a clear and user friendly board.

Categories and trees

It’s never been easier to manage a wide range of products with categories and trees. Each product is assigned to one or more categories. You can also build a product and category tree and easily localize it.

Static and dynamic product lists

Static product lists are created manually by adding chosen items. Dynamic lists are created automatically by using relevant rules such as workflow status or assigned attribute.

Full feature API covered

Connect with Ergonode in the most efficient way using the API code. No mistakes or time consuming programming.

The most convenient and powerful tool on the market for your product content enrichment!

No more limits! Create the best content structure for your product cards. Set attributes and design your product card templates using Ergonode's intuitive drag&drop tool.

Design product content layouts fitted to your assortment groups

With our powerful drag&drop product card templates creator you can easily design content rich product layouts for different assortment groups. This will empower your product content team’s work by increasing productivity and efficiency.

Create as many templates and product relations as you wish

The sky is the limit! Decide which product should have its own dedicated product card template. Create products' variants and decide on relations within them.