Improve your team collaboration and see the bottlenecks of work in progress.

It's all about work! Together.

While managing the product catalog, teamwork is crucial. Take your teamwork to the next level with easy, yet powerful team rules. All for the best product enhancement process.

Create product statuses that fit your way of working

With Ergonode you can set as many statuses as you want and by adding rules you can design the workflow that best suits your company. Every team member can check the status and stage of workflow directly in Ergonode. Each stage has to be reviewed and accepted to be able to move further. This eliminates a lot of errors within the teamwork.

Set roles and privileges for greater control and limitation of bugs

You can set many roles for your team mates, eg. Content Editor, Manager or Translation specialists. Every team member can have different privileges to resources and languages. This makes the whole process controllable and limits the amount of errors.

Features to improve your workflow!

As many statuses as you want.

Desing your workflow and divide it into relevant stages to make it easy and fit the company roles.

Rules between statuses

Assign specific rules to every status. Make sure it is set and accepted before moving forward with your workflow. This will give you full control of the whole process and enable you to check the job before accepting it.

Completness of product

Thanks to our product completeness feature you always know where you are and make sure anything you publish in your store is perfect quality and includes all relevant information.

User roles and users management

Set user roles and privileges and reflect your product workflow directly in Ergonode. Get control over the product management process and eliminate possible errors. You can assign each status to specific roles, so everyone knows their responsibilities. 


With Ergonode you can sell in multiple languages by creating different language versions of your product templates and all necessary information.


Once you set the relevant statues and roles, every time, any stage is complete, the notification is sent to the right staff member. No need to check hundreds of times a day or chase others.