Designing product content

Boost your experience in enhancing product content with our powerful template designer.

Reinvented thinking of product enrichment

Many PIM systems offer low level flexibility for data enrichment and are not suitable for the product range. That is why we have built a product designer. An extremely powerful and easy to use tool for designing product data.

How does it work?

See how easy you can manage your product data.

1. Create attributes

You can define an unlimited product attributes to better describe your product in the digital world.

2. Design your product

Using the product designer you can easily design any layout of the product card from scratch.

3. Enrich the content

Enhance product information for engaging and personalizing product experience.

Wide range of attribute types

At Ergonode you can design product family structure with a wide range o attribute types. You can set: single-line text, text area with Rich Text Editor, image, gallery of images, files, multi-select, select, date, price, numeric and unit attributes. It gives you unlimited possibilities in creating product content.

Product enrichment
on steroids

Thanks to our design tool your enrichment process is easy and convenient. It builds great experience for your product content team.

Flexible workspace

Manage your product families with great flexibility.

Special widgets

Use special widgets for better space management in your product layouts.

3 types of products

You can create simple, with variants and grouping types of products.

Content completness

Specify what content is necessary to improve data quality.

Galleries and images

Make great impressions with best in class product content.


You can always extend core functionality by developing your own modules.