December 7, 2020

Seamless product data syndication with PIM system

Lynka is the main supplier of corporate, promotional, and sportswear in Europe. The company produces and distributes a wide range of assortments, offering B2B customers the opportunity to customize all products to business needs. The brand has been on the market for 25 years.

Struggle for better performance

During the implementation of the B2B Magento platform the client struggle with the low performance. Lynka online store offers about 170,000 products and in some cases one product can have up to 90,000 price combinations. A huge amount of data to process and large variation of orders from B2B customers challenged Lynka efficiency of the e-commerce service. The brand used an ERP system from where product data was imported directly into the sales platform. Unfortunately, this solution overloaded the Magento system, whose main function should have been stable sales. 


  • product data syndication 
  • increase the efficiency of the e-commerce system 

Super-powerful PIM system 

We decided to separate applications and use the architecture of microservices. Thanks to this, each application is responsible for a separate area and does not charge the entire e-commerce system with all data, increasing its performance. Ergonode in this case serves as a middleware system, where all data is organized, structured, and then imported into Magento. When information concerning e.g. a thousand products changes, only partial information (those that have changed) will be provided to the system. Ergonode automates the process of mapping data from the sources and finally transfers it to Magento in a specified form.


  • PIM system implementation
  • Magento 2 integration
  • ERP system integration

The results

The implementation of Ergonode allows for the automatic transfer of product data to the e-commerce system while maintaining their completeness and quality. It is a powerful PIM system that supports efficient syndication and distribution of product data to each sales channel. 


  • a more efficient way to organize and transfer product data
  • providing up-to-date and high-quality information to the e-commerce system
  • greater performance of the e-commerce system

With Ergonode, we can take care of the proper transfer of data without forcing the e-commerce system. Thanks to that we have better product information for our customers, so they can shop without any problems. John Lynch, CEO Lynka

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