July 2, 2021

Launching a series of tutorials - Ergonode Step By Step

We want Ergonode to help people around the world better manage product information. We know that teams that work on data enrichment (it's never a one man job!) benefit from many of the opportunities our solution provides. We also wanted to make Ergonode as easy to use as possible - without sacrificing the quality and capabilities it offers. We can't imagine that learning to use our tool would have to take forever. Even though moving around the application is quite intuitive, we have prepared a series of tutorials to show you step by step how to get to know Ergonode like the back of your hand

The first episode is already available on our YouTube channel. In this one we focus on showing you the power of Product Designer. We walk you through creating attributes, categories (and their groups), designing product templates. Anyway, see for yourself!

We will keep you posted on our social media about upcoming episodes. Don't miss the next one - subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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