April 13, 2021

Introducing Ergonode 1.0.0-Release Candidate

Back in October 2020, when we introduced 1.0.0-beta version we knew that there’s still a bumpy road ahead of us. We started gaining more attention from agencies, clients and developers that have given us more and more feedback. Some of the pioneered in implementing Ergonode, and gave us insights that often made us re-define the very first concepts that we had about PIMs and whole workflow around it. But, hey, that’s the beauty of building a product, I guess.

At first we started picking features that needed to be developed before 1.0. and were a part of our first customers’ feedback. We’ve had endless discussions on what is crucial and why that feature is more important than the other one, what problems it solves and what value it brings to a user. And we’ve had a lot of them, like A LOT. At one point it seemed almost impossible to deliver all those requested features at once. It’s really hard to give up the functionalities that your users like, but we had to be brutal about it.

This time we took a step back, analysed what’s already here, what are possible user paths and focused on those most common ones. We discovered that we needed to turn our attention more to usability, existing code & features’ improvements than building new fancy functionalities. Taking those steps brought us closer to our goal, which was: a functional application that has stable grounds for any customisations that an end-user would need. We questioned every line of our code, especially in the open source context where clarity & ease of use are one of measurements of an application’s success. After many storms the dev team turned their attention to better documenting the code, whereas business & UX side moved into Here’s the shortened list of things that we worked on.

Features & improvements:

  • Batch actions on products — you’ll be able to delete / edit many products at once.
  • Improved Imports / Exports in Ergonode format — you’ll be able to export your data structure from Ergonode. As well as import the data in the CSV file in Ergonode format.
  • Password reset functionality.
  • Product completeness, product relations fixes.
  • Shopware 6 connector updates & fixes.
  • Privileges updates & fixes.
  • Optimisation in context of an app performance & UX.

More on those you can track here for backend changelog, and here for frontend changelog.

So here we are, at the end of the road of unofficial beta releases. Today sums up our work throughout last few months and more. Looking at Ergonode PIM right now we see a solution that will help many users managing their ecommerce products more efficiently. Lastly, we see Ergonode as a team learnt how to take pride in what has been delivered so far. And sure, there are still things that should’ve be done differently, changed or improved. But for now it’s our developers’, testers’ and business’ outstanding work, and we’re giving this to you to evaluate. Play around with it, test it inside out, and most importantly — enrich your product catalog and start selling.

What’s next?

Definitely it’s not a time to relax, as we need to focus on stabilisation more and handle topics that focus on integration parts with Ergonode (API, upgraded to imports / exports etc.). Check out our roadmap here to see what’s planned for next few releases. Feel free to add your insights in the tab “Ideas / Requests” or email me at: martyna.arent@ergonode.com directly or join our Community at Slack here. Happy to chat!

Product Manager at Ergonode

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