PIM in omnichannel environment

To take full advantage of omnichannel, to be able to reach customers through various channels and provide them with the maximum shopping experience in each of them, PIM is an essential piece of the puzzle. 

Do you keep product data on your store platform? Move it to PIM today

One of the main differences between a PIM and a regular online store database is that in PIM systems, you can automatically assign more information to products for different channels. 

Stop doing it wrong. The importance of product photos in e-commerce

They say that a picture expresses more than a thousand words. There is something in it - as many as 87.6% of respondents considered the product image as the key element of the shopping experience. 

2021 - the year of PIM?

The expansion of e-commerce due to pandemic means more players in the market and a lot more data to manage. PIM systems are an essential piece of the puzzle to deliver growth for businesses in 2021.

Stop the product information chaos with an efficient PIM system

Product information management for many employees in the e-commerce industry is a nightmare. Every day, they have to add a huge amount of data, check if they are correct and eliminate errors

Why is a PIM beneficial for your e-commerce team?

Implementation of the PIM system is a way to keep ahead of the competition in the future. The clock is ticking… Is your business prepared for this?