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How to work better as a team with Ergonode? Overview of workflow features

Ergonode solves most of the problems that teams face. Sure, we can't save the world right away, but we can help with better workflow, more efficient communication, or data management.

What do you see when you think of teamwork? Smiling people from stock photos who work as one on a given project - where work is well divided and competences are equally distributed among employees? Well, if you only have such experiences with teamwork - good for you. More often, however, it happens that chaos sneaks into such work, the flow of information and communication in the team fails. Work does not get done on time, or is fraught with a high risk of errors. 

In case of work with product information, when the team has to manage even hundreds of thousands of records, such mistakes are bound to happen. And, unfortunately, they often result in large financial losses (the customer will not be interested in the fact that this leather jacket has a price on the website one 0 shorter than the real price - he will buy it at the price visible in the store). 

Ergonode PIM can help you with your teamwork, seriously! We're not just some software where you aggregate all your product data that you can then distribute to different channels. Nope. We're a product that will make your team's work as smooth as silk. 

But let's start from the beginning.

What does product management have to do with teamwork?

You probably haven't thought about tools like PIM before as ways to improve teamwork. You can probably point to at least a few apps or solutions that serve just that purpose. Trello, Asana, Jira, Todoist, etc. There are quite a few, right? When creating Ergonode we wanted it to combine everything that is best in classic PIM systems and workflow tools. After all, what is the difference between team work on product data enhancement and other projects? 

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What is important is the quality, pace of work, assigning privileges or proper communication between team members. Ergonode has it all. 

Ergonode - made for teams

Already at the conceptual stage of Ergonode, we knew that it had to be a system centered around people and their needs - including teams. The more we learned about the market, the more we saw the need for it and the more we strengthened this decision. 

With Ergonode's features, you can easily control the workflow and significantly reduce the time to achieve the desired result. 


Let's start with statuses. Every company operates within its own micro-cosmos with its own nomenclature and work style. Statuses can reflect those existing in your company or they can create a completely new workflow. In Ergonode, you can set up as many statuses as you want and call them as you like. 

For example: 

statuses ergonode

You can easily track the current status of your products. 

Creating and editing statuses is very simple and consists of a few steps. All you have to do is to click on the "New status" button, choose the name of the status and the color under which it will be displayed. You can check the "Default status of new products" option if you want this status to be shown with every new product. 

In the next step, you set which statuses come after another. 

For example:

New → Draft → To correct → Ready to publish → Published 

Setting up transitions is very intuitive. On the "Transition Status" tab, you click on the New transition button and choose which status should follow which. You can also send transition information to team members with specific roles. 

Multilingual teams

If you operate internationally and sell in several languages, and you have a team scattered around the world and consisting of people speaking different languages - no problem. Ergonode allows you to work efficiently in multilingual teams. Each user can set any language of the interface (they don't have to stick rigidly to the language of the organization). Also, when you create statuses, you can translate them into the language that suits you best - in fact, Ergonode will do it for you thanks to its automatic translation feature.

Don't worry that one of your co-workers will see the status in a language they don't understand - everyone sees the status in the language they set for themselves. 

We eliminate the need to create a huge number of language versions to fit every team member.

User roles

Within each team, different members play different roles and have different competencies. So we have someone who comes up with product descriptions, someone who enters them into the system, someone who corrects them, someone who translates, someone who approves, and so on. In Ergonode, you can easily give different permissions to each team member - after all, someone who is at the beginning of the chain - i.e. introduces new products, doesn't have to be able to finally approve them. 

Note: To create a new user, click on System → Users → New user 

When creating a new user, you fill in the basic data - here you can also set the language in which the employee will work. 

In addition to creating a new user, you can also create new roles in the system. Each company has a set of roles specific to it. Go to the User roles tab and click New roles. 

You name the role and add a description that briefly explains what the role is about. When you click Create & edit you will see a tab with permissions for the role. You can fill it in as you see fit. 

For example:

Teams are growing - we get that and we're happy about it. At Ergonode, we're committed to making onboarding every employee fast and seamless. Whether working on products, in product design, or data enrichment, a new team member can get started without a lengthy (and expensive) initial training.

End communication problems with Ergonode

Remember, in Ergonode you can reflect the workflow in your organization, rather than conforming your organization to the rigid rules in our PIM. Ergonode adapts to you, not the other way around. 

Ergonode solves most of the problems that teams face. Sure, we can't save the world right away, but we can help with better workflow, more efficient communication, or data management. You'll no longer have to ask team members about the current status of a product's release or dig through piles of data to correct a translation. What a relief, right? 

Finally, the good news. We are working on enhancements to the features to improve teamwork. It will be even faster, even more beautiful and even more intuitive. We will keep you updated!

Tired of constant errors in product data? Try Ergonode. Take the first step and schedule a demo. You won't regret it!