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Discover the potential of Ergonode with the connector for Shopware 6

By deciding on Shopware, you can be sure that the platform will provide you and your customers with the best solution for your needs. With the ready-made Ergonode connector, you can easily manage your product catalog.

One of the main goals we had while developing Ergonode was user comfort and flexibility of the product itself - it's supposed to adapt to the needs of your business, not the other way around. Therefore, open-source was the only right choice for us - we believe in the idea of open, customizable code.

The work on Ergonode doesn't really end, the tool is being improved all the time, new functionalities are being added, and those already existing are refined down to the last detail. 

We want as many entities as possible to be able to use the advantages of Ergonode, so we are working on creating ready-made connectors that will enable quick integration with the tool. One of them is the connector for Shopware 6.

Shopware 6 for your e-commerce

Shopware is one of the most popular open-source e-commerce platforms, founded in Germany in 2000. The company creates omnichannel solutions used by European leaders in B2B and B2C commerce. Its clients include Borussia Dortmund Football Club, Philips, L'Oreal, Urban Decay, Mars, Haribo, among others. 

With the Shopware e-commerce platform you can enjoy maximum flexibility and freedom in the development of your online store. It allows merchants to focus on delivering an exceptional shopping experience to their customers across multiple sales channels. The Shopware e-commerce platform offers everything you need to bring your shop closer to your customers, regardless of location, time and device.

Some of the biggest advantages of Shopware include the API first approach, the use of top-notch technologies, the easy management of content on the site or the convenient combination of multiple sales channels. 


With its API-first approach, Shopware 6 offers greater flexibility and delivers technology that meets the needs of an evolving market. At the same time, Shopware 6 significantly streamlines the workflow for managing different sales channels and supporting multiple devices. The flexible core of the platform adapts perfectly to people's requirements, needs and expectations. 

Using the API interface, various components such as the front-end, administration panel and integrations with external systems (ERP, PIM, CMS, etc.) can be linked together and form the foundation of completely new business models. This gives both small businesses and large enterprises the same capabilities to respond quickly and flexibly to market changes by creating unique multi-channel shopping experiences.

Various sales channels

Whether classic webshop, POS, marketplace or social selling - with the Shopware 6 platform, you control all sales channels from one place, providing your customers with an engaging shopping experience. Sales channels can vary in terms of assortment, but also currencies and languages. In addition to the predefined channels, you can use our API to connect other sales channels at any time and reach your customers, wherever they are.

The Shopware 6 platform also allows you to use any number of front-ends. Whether it's a classic online store, a headless storefront solution, a mobile app or a multi-store: you can handle all possible e-commerce scenarios with one tool. 

Read more about Shopware here.

What does the integration of Shopware with Ergonode look like?

The integration from the user’s perspective is fairly simple. You can easily download the open-source integration module from Ergonode’s repository and install it altogether with Ergonode’s core.
After that from the UI panel you click “Data exchange” and choose the channels that you want to connect. Currently you have one always available from core functionality, which is export to Ergonode ZIP (which contains multiple CSV), but you can always install Shopware module.

Once you pick the Shopware 6 channel you’ll be asked to fill in a few information in order to make the connection.

All the required fields are marked with a star, and it means they’re crucial to create/update a product in Shopware.

  • Name: you give a name of your store.
  • API host - it means where your store is located (the domain).
  • Acces key ID - you can gather this information from your store on Shopware in
    settings -> integrations -> new integration.
  • Secret access key - same.
  • Segment - is the set of rules in Ergonode that filter your product catalog. It’s an optional field, but very useful if you have a lot of products and don’t want to udpate them all every time you hit export.
  • Default Language - you choose here in which language you’d like to export your data.

All the other fields are connected with which exact attributes to export, collections. Connect Properties and Custom fields - which are the equivalents of attributes in Ergonode system.

Once you’ve filled in this form you’re ready to hit Export Now and start exporting. The cool feature that will make it more automated is the Scheduler. 

In this option you can schedule your exports in time. For example you’re planning to have the data in particular products updated once a day at a certain hour, you can set this up by using a scheduler. 

And that’s pretty much it. The UI functionalities give you the possibility to manipulate with this integration as you wish. Of course, our system is prepared to be customized to your needs, so you can treat this integration as a good starting point.

Ergonode and Shopware - the perfect match for your business

Choosing the right tools and partners is a decision that will pay off in the future. By deciding on Shopware, you can be sure that the platform will provide you and your customers with the best solution for your needs. With the ready-made Ergonode connector, you can easily manage your product catalog. You benefit from the advantages of a modern e-commerce platform and a product catalog management tool. Win-win.