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Katarzyna Gądek

Ergonode in one minute

We made an effort to describe Ergonode in one minute, and we've created a video that may make the decision easier for people who are hesitant about whether they really need a PIM system.

Launching a series of tutorials - Ergonode Step By Step

Even though moving around the application is quite intuitive, we have prepared a series of tutorials to show you step by step how to get to know Ergonode like the back of your hand. 

PIM in omnichannel environment

To take full advantage of omnichannel, to be able to reach customers through various channels and provide them with the maximum shopping experience in each of them, PIM is an essential piece of the puzzle. 

Do you keep product data on your store platform? Move it to PIM today

One of the main differences between a PIM and a regular online store database is that in PIM systems, you can automatically assign more information to products for different channels. 

How to work better as a team with Ergonode? Overview of workflow features

Ergonode solves most of the problems that teams face. Sure, we can't save the world right away, but we can help with better workflow, more efficient communication, or data management.

Ergonode 1.0.0 - it’s official

Not long ago we celebrated the official launch of our release candidate, and today we can already announce that we have a finished, worked out, perfected version 1.0.0. We spent the last month mainly testing, preparing complete documentation and fixing what was still imperfect in the RC.